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Assessing students' digital or social media

My UCL Connected Curriculum fellowship project responded to Connected Curriculum dimension 5 – ‘Students learn to produce outputs – assessments directed at an audience’. 

The project is now complete - you can view eight short thematic videos and a presentation about the kinds of digital outputs students are producing, how (or if) students conceptualise their audience, the process of creating the work, what constitutes ‘academic’ in these forms of communication, and how assessors come to their judgments. See also the Resources section.

Thanks to everyone who participated. One tutor commented,

"... it allowed me to understand some aspects of the way in which the student reflected on the class, the presentation and its benefits. Most of these aspects are not covered in the evaluation forms since students usually do not spend much time on them and they do not expand on their comments. Listening to what the student had to say about the class and how she prepared the presentation but also how she shared the benefits with her peers was enlightening for me. Her views on the use of technology are really helpful for future classes."

Dr Mira Vogel SFHEA, 
Senior Teaching Fellow,
King's College London,

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