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What activities are you planning to engage people with your research?* (upload any relevant files or images)   




Who are you trying to influence with these activities?




What in them are you trying to change?



What are your timelines for these planned activities? [ no calendar function ]



Activities to broaden the reach of your research could be any way that you are trying to have influence. It could be anything from giving a public or digital lecture (think Ted talks or dolectures.com), running an interactive workshop, or recording a podcast to spread the word about your work.

Ask yourself if your findings are presented in the most accessible way for your intended audience. Have you thought about presenting your work in infographics, or using different formats such as storytelling through animation and digital technologies to relay your findings?

  CC image: Social Media courtesy of Sean MacEntee on Flickr

Media coverage, such as newspaper articles or radio interviews, are uesful ways to raise the profile of your work. Social media platforms such as twitter and Piirus can be great for spreading the word too.

If you are twitterphobic this video by the Impact Initiative, 'Why should researchers use social media?', is a useful place to start.

To increase your reach you could make your posters, images, data and any supporting files freely available via a platform such as figshare.

Participation Compass offers a comprehensive list of activities.
You may also find ERSC's Past Events page a useful source of inspiration.

Causal processes description ? ?

Such as building awareness and positive attitudes towards evidence infromed decision making

I think Laruenz is working on creating something from the SoUS on this?

What are your timelines for achieving your planned outcomes?



What is the reach of your planned activities? 

  • individual
  • organisational
  • local
  • national


What are the causal processes/mechanisms by which your activity  should produce an effect?



What aspects of behaviour are you hoping to assist?



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