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This page is still under construction.

Once Sledgehammer has been run on a dataset, DDI-Flavour must be run in order to ensure the Sledgehammer output is compatible with Colectica. DDI-Flavour currently runs using 11 Python (v2) scripts. 

1) Download the .py files from the GitHub page.

2) Create a tab delimited.txt file named renaming_list.txt which should contain; the instrument prefix, dataset title, DOI if available, and weather public (1) or not (0). e.g. renaming_list.txt

If there is no DOI then please use the website address of the study data request page e.g. http://www.bristol.ac.uk/alspac/researchers/access/ and set public = 1 so the website is visible.

3) Run each python script in order. The scripts will automatically run on any .ddi32.rp.xml files within the folder.

Note: You can run the scripts all at once and for multiple files using a control file. See the Processing datasets documentation for further details.

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