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What is Personal Capture (PCAP)?

Lecturecast Personal Capture is a stand-alone application which can be used to create recordings (captures) external to the classroom. You can create as many Personal Capture recordings as you wish, edit these recordings and share only those recordings you choose to make available. Shared recordings can then be accessed by students via Moodle and viewed both before and after class.

Personal Capture is intended for use by Academic Staff only, and is suitable for use on Windows and Mac devices.

 (warning) The current version of Echo360 Personal Capture software is version 5.5. Recordings created using older versions of PCAP cannot be published to Lecturecast ALP.

Help and Support

Central support for Personal Capture software does not include troubleshooting issues on local devices on which the software is installed. It is the responsibility of end users and/or their local IT advisers to ensure that the devices onto which PCAP software is installed are suitable. We recommend full end-to-end testing including recording, editing, and publishing to ensure a particular set-up is working as expected.

In addition to the resources available via this Wiki, further help is available via Lecturecast Online Help Personal Capture

For system requirements and supported devices refer to Lecturecast Online Help System Requirements

For Mac users, please refer to the relevant information available via Lecturecast Online Help Personal Capture for Mac

For additional help and support, please email lecturecast@ucl.ac.uk

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