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This page lists the resources generated from the project. Alternatively you can view these resources in Prezi.

On this page:

Presentation for the UCL Education Conference, April 2018

Accessible text version and Prezi version.

Compendium of resources for making and marking multimodal work

Practical guides

For authors

For assessors

Please share yours - mira.vogel@kcl.ac.uk

Technologies (free)

For students or authors producing media:

  • Video-makers: http://www.openshot.org/.
  • Bloggers: wordpress.com (easily exported).
  • Website-makers: UCL MyPortfolio; Wix; Weebly; Wordpress; UCL wiki.
  • Presentations: Microsoft PowerPoint or Sway; Prezi.

For assessors giving feedback on different media:

  • Collect links via Moodle Assignment - good for organising marking and giving summary feedback.
  • Websites - comment with hypothes.is.
  • Videos - comment with VideoAnt.
  • More: https://goo.gl/BVtzzg

Students' publicly available work

Project report as seven thematic videos in participants' own words

Recommended reading

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