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UCL Digital Education are building a new Moodle site which will use the new Academic Model Project codes. As part of this, we will be migrating content from the existing 'legacy' Moodle to the new Moodle. You can watch a short video about this below:

This page outlines the process and timing for migration of content from current (legacy) Moodle to the new Moodle for 2018/19 courses. You may also want to look at the New Moodle FAQs page for specific answers. 

The project team is liaising with departments to coordinate the migration of course content. We have a nominated 'Moodle Migration Coordinator' (MMC) for each department. They will be communicating with all the staff in the department identifying which Moodle courses need to be migrated and sending that information to Digital Education. For the most past they will be confirming the mapping of the new and old module codes and requesting the migration. The process will then be as follows:

There are several options that the MMC can ask us to take for each course:

  • Copy the course with content ('lift and shift') or just copy the staff enrolments
  • The course is no longer needed so don't copy anything
  • The Portico mapping is wrong, so double check this with us
  • Our use of Moodle is complicated, so let's talk before we migrate anything

The MMC can also indicate any high priority migrations that are needed for early teaching or student induction/orientation activities that take place in August.


23 July: Departmental MMCs complete their requests for course migration

31 July: All high priority courses are migrated

August Bank Holiday: All requested courses are migrated

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