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UCL is using Echo 360 to record many lectures that you attend. This learning platform will allow you to re-watch (or perhaps watch for the first time) a lecture, including visuals displayed on the projector, presentations or document camera utilised during the lecture. Most recordings include videos of the lecturer themselves for the full lecture experience.

Important points:

  • Not all lecture theatres and classrooms are Lecturecast enabled meaning not all your lectures will be recorded. This means you should attend all your lectures.
  • Individual lecturers have the choice to have their lectures recorded or not so please check with your lecturer if you are unsure.
  • Lectures that are recorded will be made available through Moodle on your individual modules.
  • If you have been told that your lectures are being recorded but cannot find any links to the recordings, please contact your lecturer/module leader or course department.


For more help:


Please contact the ISD Service Desk

020 7676 5000

Ext. 25000 (internal)


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