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ConnectTxt Messaging Proposal


ConnectTxt has been developed with a wide range of public sector customers over 11 years. The application is used in over 55% of UK Colleges and Universities as well as Healthcare Clinics, Hospitals and Surgeries, Local Councils, Housing Associations, Police and Careers offices throughout the UK. This precise communication tool allows the user to send and receive SMS text messages from their desktop to individual/groups mobile handset with a full audit trail.




1) ConnectTxt licence package:

Application licence – use for 44 week pilot project

Use of SOAP and XML API’s and Middleware software

Set up and customised organisation interface

3,000 message credits

Dedicated number for inbound/outbound messaging

Unlimited use of all tools – Connecttxt, Moodletxt, phone Apps, Twitter and RSS to SMS service

Unlimited support – email/phone and live help

Survey, voting and polling facility within connecttxt

Set-up and User Training


Price: £1000  + VAT



For More information please contact:

James Holden-Storey

Senior Manager, Sales

E: james.holden-storey@blackboard.com - 07791 631922