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Quick Set-up Guide – HOT QUESTSION

Why use Hot Question? 

Hot Question is an interactive activity which can encourage students to take part in discussions and stay engaged in a lecture. It was designed so students could ask questions, but can as easily be used as a platform for students to comment and answer questions in real-time. Students will be able to see each other’s comments – give them ‘likes’ and post their own views. Once set-up this activity can be used for spontaneous as well as planned lessons, just like grabbing a whiteboard/flipchart marker. 

Let’s set it up! 

Before we start, make sure you are on your course page, have clicked ‘turn editing on’ (top right hand corner), and are on the correct topic/section.

Click on the ‘Add an activity or resource’ button circled in red.


A dialogue box appears: Scroll down and click on ‘Hot Question’, then click ‘Add’.

Fill in ‘Activity Name’, add a ‘Description’ and fill in ‘Submit your question here’ this will be the question you want to ask the students. Select ‘Yes’ to allow students’ responses to be anonymous, and ‘No’ otherwise (these actions are indicated by green arrows).  Press ‘Save and Display’.


Students can post their answers in the ‘Submit your question here:’ box. To display answers as anonymous, (Green arrows are pointing towards Activity Name and Activity description). Students press the blue ‘Post’ button to display

On the right is an example (as seen by the lecturer) which shows students’ comments. Use the arrows circled in Yellow to scroll through pages in the activity. The ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ signs circled in red allow you to introduce or take away another (blank) page. Students can only post comments to the most recent page, but can still view the others.

Students can ‘like’ each other’s comments by pressing the ‘thumbs up’ icon (circled in orange). Once students give the comment a ‘thumps up’ the total number of people who gave it ‘Heat’ appears (circled in red). Everyone should use the refresh button (indicated by green arrow) periodically to reveal new posts.

Student View

Example uses
Revision Lectures: Hot Question can be used with past exam papers: students attempt a specific question and post their answers in the activity. Lecturers provide feedback e.g. ‘This answer would have lost one mark because…’ or ‘This answer is good because it includes…’, etc. A new page can be added for the next question and the process is repeated. Students can review answers later at home.

Brainstorm Session: Students can comment/ submit answers all at once and the lecturer can monitor the activity. Lecturers can pick up on aspects that are interesting or have been neglected, summarizing and steering the discussion.