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S:\ISD_Digital_Education\Digital Education\Moodle\Templates\UCL Moodle Template (Baseline 2016)\UCL Moodle template collapsed topics-2018-19 moodle.png

*The screenshot shows collapsed topics format, but tabs is the default.


UCL Moodle Template Checklist



      Add module code and name .

         in course settings.

         at top of course homepage.

      Enter contact details.

      Edit & unhide How to use this course.

      Update & unhide Module syllabus .

      Update & unhide Student Handbook .

      Edit & unhide Communication statement .



      Unhide this section (optional).

      Unhide Question & Answers Forum (optional) to allow students to ask questions via Moodle & state in the description how often staff will respond .


General Resources:

      Unhide this section (optional).

      Add general reading list items.

      Add links to general online resources.



      Provide an Assessment outline .

      Add Moodle / Turnitin Assignments* for students to submit electronically.


      To each week add:

      Headings but keep tab titles short)

      Topic overviews

      Reading list items

      Activities (lessons, quizzes etc.)

      Files (grouped & labeled):



Word (for editable files)


      Add images ( optional)*

-  add alternative text to describe the image and any text it contains.

- max width 550px.

- check copyright & reference sources.

* Get free images: www.pixabay.com




This checklist helps you to meet the UCL E-Learning Baseline: http://bit.ly/UCLELearningBaseline