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UCL eXtend - Course Description Template

To be completed by the Department for any new e-learning course when it is ready to go live. See the notes below for guidance on completing this form.

To see an example in the live site, see below. Also see (numbers) for examples of where content sits. 

(1) Course Name


Featured course text

(If your course appears on the front page of UCLeXtend we need a single paragraph to promote it) (50-60 words)







(2) Long Course Description (This can include the short description) (200-300 words)


(3) Course FAQs


(4) Course image (360px * 148px)

<include as attachments or state the ShutterStock image you need>

(5) Primary contact information (name, email, telephone)


(5) Course duration (state the number of days, or hours to complete the course)


(5) Start date (immediately, delayed or if cohort based when course runs)


(5) End date (state clearly when enrolment will expire – in number of days, months or a set date)


(5) Estimated time plan/outline


(5) Prerequisites

(Expected background skills or requirements for entry)


(6) Course staff details & role(s) (full names, email addresses and UCL usernames (i.e. ccaamje)


(6) Course staff bios (one per tutor) (50-100 words)


(6) Course staff headshots (100px * 100px)

<include as attachments >

(6) Department


(7) Price (£)


Number of seats/places



Sales notification (will always include extend@ucl.ac.uk)


Product Code (ELE to provide)


Account Code


Analysis Code


Departmental email address for support


Completed by:







When you have completed this form, it should be sent to E-Learning Environments (ELE) via their UCLeXtend email address: extend@ucl.ac.uk