1. Attendees
  2. Apologies
  3. NADA 3 Catalogue
  4. SERPent Report
  5. Issues
  6. Other business
  7. Date of next meeting


1. Attendees

Pascal Heus(PH), Anthony Thomas (AT), Tito Castillo (TC), Rachel Knowles (RK), Aida Sanchez (AS), Andy Ryan (AR)

2. Apologies

Janet Masters(JM), Spiros Denaxas (SD), Pat Tookey (PT)

NADA 3 Catalogue

Each study representative had inspected their entry on the NADA catalogue to approve the proposed displayed information. A public version of the catalogue will be available by the end of October 2010.


Content approved with no issues.


PT approved the content earlier with no issues.


Not available - will update with approval status.

[SD has approved some CALIBER information appearing on the public NADA catalogue.]

Whitehall II

Content approved with no issues. A new version of the DDI is available for upload and will be uploaded.


The wide version of the dataset has been added to the catalogue RK requested that the more appropriate long version of the dataset is used. RK also requested that the reports are removed and more suitable documents added.

SERPent Report

A draft document has been made available to for collaboration on Google Documents. SERPent members were invited to participate in the document's development and to provide valuable input. The current version of the document was emailed out prior to the meeting and was approved by those present.

5. Issues

A standard format for DDI identifiers needs to be finalised.

Export PDF on the NADA 3 catalogue does not work. This may be a file naming issue.

6. Other business

AT has offered to provide an introductory training session to REDCap. A time will be arranged near to the next meeting.

TC recommended a Security Workshop and those that are interested to contact Lindsay Shaw.

7. Date of next meeting

Conference call, 14.30 29th October 2010.