Induction for your students

As a part of the process for new (and returning) students we recommend that academic staff spend some time inducting their students about the technology used within their studies. Online courses in Moodle can introduce many new ways of learning for a student and so spending a short period of time from the outset can have long-term benefits.

Below is a presentation that can be modified for use in inductions. It will be most useful if customised to suit your department.

If you would like to discuss your presentation with a member of the Digital Education team please send a request to the ISD Service Desk.

Students inducting themselves

Students may of course wish to work their own way through the basics of Moodle themselves, and they are recommended to do so. The 'Connected Learning at UCL' course contains information about learning online, using Moodle and some sample activities and resources to get them started.

You may also want to consider a few other things:
  1. Induction task, such as asking students to log in and check they are able to find/access the correct courses.
  2. Taking part in introductory activities, such as posting in an 'introduce yourself' forum, or watching some introductory or sample content in Lecturecast (perhaps a sample from past years).
  3. Introducing other learning technologies which will be used and where they will fit into the module as recommended in the UCL Connected Learning Baseline ('orientation' section).
Download link:

Note: you have full permission to edit/copy and change this presentation as much as you like, if anything we would encourage it.