This page gives an introduction to Turnitin, followed by links to step-by-step guidance on submitting your work and collecting your marks and feedback.

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What is Turnitin? 

Turnitin is one of the online assessment platforms at UCL. Although its origins are in helping to identity plagiarism, it is also used by tutors to grade work and provide feedback.

Turnitin can be used for:

Your tutors will inform you on how Turn will be used within your course.

A word about plagiarism

Your work on Turnitin

Turnitin must adhere to UK Data Protection law. Using Turnitin depends on your consent for your personal data to be held on Turnitin's server, and for your work to be stored in the Turnitin database for checking against the work of future students. By submitting via Turnitin, you give this consent.

Students can access information about plagiarism and submit work to Turnitin confidentially, at the Plagiarism and Academic Writing Moodle course.  

See our FAQs about Turnitin at UCL.

You access Turnitin via Moodle

Your Turnitin assignment page looks like the numbered screenshot below.

  1. Due Date is the deadline.
  2. Post Date is the date on which feedback and marks will become available - put this in your diary and check your feedback as soon as it becomes available.
  3. Carefully note the instructions for your assignment.
  4. When you are ready to submit click the Submit Paper icon.

How to submit work and collect marks and feedback

Turnitin FAQs

To see the most common list of queries and frequently asked questions, please click here.

Find out more

Information for students about plagiarism including using Turnitin is given in the Current Students website.

Turnitin is supported within UCL by the Digital Education team who are happy to advise on any of the above.