Before the exam

1.  Login to the computer

2.  Use your UCL username (e.g. ucaaxxx) and password

3.  Launch a web browser. On UCL computers these include Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

4.  Log into Moodle* as soon as you arrive at the exam

Use your UCL username (e.g. ucaaxxx) and password (as above)

 5. Place your ID card on your desk* for invigilators to check

 6. Sign the attendance register with your username & computer number

If you can't see a computer number on your monitor, please record the last three digits of the IP address on the front of the computer tower instead.

   7.  In Moodle, navigate to the exam

   8.  Wait for the invigilator to announce the exam password

   9.  Once announced, type it in the password field and click Continue


Note: You may only have one window & browser tab open containing the Moodle quiz unless otherwise instructed by the invigilator. Any other open windows will be considered an attempt to cheat. Your computer usage may be recorded.

During the exam

The Quiz navigation box on the left will show:

You can change your answers at any time until you submit your exam

If your browser crashes don't worry- your answers will still be there: alert and invigilator and they will help you to restart the exam

If you experience any technical problems, alert an invigilator immediately

Finished the exam?