Notes for English speakers
Notes for Chinese speakers

Mr Smith's trip to China

1: beginner level; 2: intermediate; 3: advanced; 4: specialist; S: includes MP3 sound file

Arriving and settling in

Arriving at Beijing International Airport 1-2 S

Taking a taxi 2 S

Checking into a hotel 1-2 S

Registering for a conference 2 S

Introducing yourself 1-2 S

Exchanging business cards 2 S

You speak such good Chinese 1-2 S

Two friends bump in to each other 1-2 S

Two colleagues drink tea together 1-2 S

Talking about the weather 2-3 S

Talking about a mutual acquaintance 2-3 S

Hobbies 3 S

Business meetings

Setting up a meeting by telephone 1-2 S

Confirming an appointment by telephone 1-2 S

Ringing someone who is not in 1-2 S

Changing the time of an appointment by telephone 1-2 S

Changing the time of a meeting 3 S

Arriving at a company reception for a meeting 2 S

Giving a presentation at a business meeting 2 S

Explaining what your organisation does 2-3 S

Sightseeing etc.

Taking a bus in Beijing 2 S

Buying a ticket for the train 1-2 S

Visiting a museum 2 S

Visiting the Temple of Heaven 1-2 S

I'd like to visit the Great Wall 2-3 S

Visiting the Forbidden City 3

Taking the subway to the Summer Palace 2

Asking the way 2 S

Taking pictures 2-3 S

Sending postcards 2 S

Sending a parcel at the post office 2 S


Ordering a coffee in a café 1-2 S

Ordering dinner in a restaurant 3

About Chinese culture

Hanzi 2 S

Festivals 3 S

The Chinese education system 3 S

Religion in China 4 S

Getting a place at a language school 3 S

Medical and other mishaps

A visit to the doctor 4

A visit to the dentist 3 S

Losing a wallet 2 S


Farewell party 2 S

Checking out of a hotel 2 S

Goodbye 2 S

A tour of UCL 2-3

A visit to London Zoo 3-4

Dinner in London 2

The homestay 2-3 S

Other conversations

宴会规矩 Yànhuì guīju 'Etiquette at formal meals' 2