Place holder page for information regarding creation and use of Moodle test accounts


This guidance is for staff who have requested to be able to log into Moodle in a Student role.

We know that it is immensely helpful for Moodle editors to adopt the point-of-view of a student when making decisions about the design and settings of their Moodle course areas.

In allowing these Test Moodle Accounts to be shared among UCL staff, we in ELE have decided to incur a small risk in order to minimise what we consider a greater risk of staff making decisions about their Moodle areas without being able to empathise with their student users - with all the confusion, wasted time and student dissatisfaction that can ensue.

If you use Moodle Quizzes for e-examinations it is important you read and understand the implications of using these test accounts, especially that without a password on the Quiz your students, and others, may be able to preview the exam questions.

The instructions below are important to the continuation of this Test Moodle Account service - please read them.

Why are Test Moodle Accounts helpful?

They can help Moodle editors grasp the implications of their design decisions (beyond what Moodle's 'Switch Role To' function allows) including:

This is helpful because:

A few of the things you can only do with confidence if you can log in as Test Students with LDAP authentication include:

Why not give each department its own Test Moodle Account?

What do I need to know to use these?