Place holder page for information regarding creation and use of Moodle test accounts - currently restricted view to Rod Digges

The instructions below are important to the continuation of this Test Moodle Account service - please read them.

Why are Test Moodle Accounts helpful?

They can help Moodle editors grasp the implications of their design decisions (beyond what Moodle's 'Switch Role To' function allows) including:

This is helpful because:

A few of the things you can only do with confidence if you can log in as Test Students.

How to create Moodle student test accounts?

Simply log into Moodle . Go to any course where you have the role of Tutor or Administrator. Near the bottom of the 'Administration' Block click on the 'Create Test User Accounts'

On the page returned fill in the details of number of accounts required , days they should be active etc.
The accounts your request will be automatically enrolled onto the current course. They may also be enrolled onto
other courses where student accounts are required for testing. 

Important: Ensure that you make a note of the password you choose before saving the request, if you forget this password you will not be
able to use the test accounts you've just created or create new ones until the present test accounts have expired