If you're interested in volunteering to help us, here are some examples of what can be done:

  1. Provide examples of Korean sentences.
  2. Write short Korean texts.
  3. Write conversations in Korean.
  4. Provide artwork (paintings for publicity and cartoons for demonstrating sentences or illustrating texts).
  5. Contribute photographs.
  6. Proofread the examples, texts and conversations. (This all has to be done before anything is recorded.)

What else would we like to have?

Well, anything really that promotes the site's aim of promoting good relations between UCL and the English-speaking world and Korea.

  1. We are looking for voices to record the conversations.
  2. We are looking for actors to act the conversations and people to video them.
  3. We would like to create a dictionary for the resource. This involves finding a word in a text or conversation and then putting it in the dictionary with examples as necessary. (It's very good for your Korean!)
  4. The materials have been proofread a couple of times, but more proofreading would not be bad.
  5. There's probably a whole lot of stuff that would be good and isn't listed here. Suggest something, and we will probably say yes!

If you would like to get involved, just send Chris Dillon an e-mail.

What needs to be done?