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Moodle News and Information

Please keep a lookout on this page for updates on our Moodle platform and to access student/staff guides!

Moodle Release Roadmap

The Moodle Roadmap can now be found on our Wiki pages here: See link to Moodle Roadmap

This is an effort to make our plans and direction of travel with Moodle developments more transparent and engaing. The Moodle Roadmap will show the next twelve (12) months of the platforms development planning including standard security releases, platform updates and end user feature enhacements/requests. This roadmap is intended to be a living document and will provides an active view into our internal roadmap, and will be updated on a weekly basis by the Moodle Service Owner.

The Digital Education team provide a range of UCL specific Moodle guides here.  You can also browse the official Moodle guides at Moodle.org.  The page 'Release Notes' lists all the latest functionality you can use with Moodle.  If you are looking for information about other digital education tools aside from Moodle and Turnitin please see the  Digital Education website .

Contact itservices@ucl.ac.uk if you can't find what you are looking for.

Running an exam in Moodle?

Please consult the M12a - Moodle Quiz for invigilated online exams guidance and make sure to notify the Digital Education by completing the Exam Notification Form .

Sign up for training

Digital Education offers training on Moodle, Lecturecast, Turnitin and more. Sign up now.

Known Issues

Check the Moodle Known Issues page for current issues and workaround.

Guides grouped by function

Courses - how to set up your courses

Editing text and embedding content - how to use the text editor

Activities - how to involve students actively in their learning

Resources - how to add static materials to your course.

Blocks - how to add extra items and information to the sides of your course page.

Questions - how to create questions for use in quizzes and Moodle's lesson module

Course enrolment - how to give students access to your course.

Grouping users - how to put students into groups and why this is useful.

Grades - how to use the gradebook, scales and advanced grading methods.

Tracking progress - how to control and display progress through a course.

Reusing activities - how to copy or recycle elements of your course.

Personalising Moodle

Beyond the Baseline

To move beyond the baseline (and baseline+) you can consider the following:

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