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Use the Lecturecast system to schedule and manage lecture recordings of teaching events, add and share materials with participants via Moodle and monitor and gather information about your classes. The Lecturecast system is built around services provided by Echo360. The status of these services can be checked here.These Wiki pages contain important information about how the system operates at UCL including guidance on scheduling and accessing recordings.

New Features

  • Lecturecast Live

Live streaming is now available for module-linked sessions in Lecturecast-enabled teaching spaces! Visit the Digital Education team blog for an overview.

  • Re-using Lecturecast recordings from previous years

To re-use this great content, please take a look at our Digital Education team blog.

Quick Start

A illustration of a computer screen displaying the Lecturecast Scheduler webpage

Log in to Lecturecast Scheduler

Schedule the recording of a lecture on Lecturecast Scheduler using this guidance 

A illustration of a computer screen displaying the Moodle webpage

Log in to Moodle

Make the recording available to students via their Moodle course using this guidance

A illustration of a computer screen displaying the Echo360 webpage

Log in to Lecturecast 

Edit and manage recordings on Lecturecast (Echo360) using this guidance

More Information


F2F sessions are currently suspended. Please review the Lecturecast Training Guides and contact lecturecast@ucl.ac.uk with questions.

Lecturecast Online Help

Browse for more Lecturecast (Echo360) guide on the official Echo360 webpage

Record a special event

Please email the Educational Media team to arrange special events such as inaugural lectures, conferences, public events, CPD and more.

Help & Support

For help and support, please email lecturecast@ucl.ac.uk 

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