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Covid-19 teaching continuity

Please be advised that UCL's Teaching and Assessment Continuity webpages offer fully up-to-date resources and guidance to support colleagues to teach remotely across a variety of approaches, including lectures, seminars and group study, tutorials, and project supervision. You are advised to follow links at this location rather than search for resources independently.

Drop in sessions for Lecturecast Universal Capture Personal will be offered to support staff in teaching online. Please visit the Digital Education blog for further information.

Use the Lecturecast system to schedule and manage lecture recordings of teaching events, add and share materials with participants via Moodle and monitor and gather information about your classes. The Lecturecast system is built around services provided by Echo360 the status of these services can be checked here.

These Wiki pages contain important information about how the system operates at UCL including guidance on scheduling and accessing recordings.

 Quick Start

Step 1

Schedule the recording of a lecture using the Lecturecast Scheduler.

Step 2

Make the recording available to students via their Moodle course.

Step 3

Edit and manage recordings using Lecturecast ALP.

*To appear on your available list of courses, you must first log into your Moodle course. 

 Training Guides

   Lecturecast Legacy

  New for 2021/22

Re-using Lecturecast recordings from previous years

While we have been off campus, staff have created amazing videos to familiarize students to life at UCL or introduce the key principles and ideas ahead of teaching.  To re-use this great content, please take a look at our Digital Education team blog.

Lecturecast Live:

More information coming soon.

 More Information

 Lecturecast enabled teaching spaces

Find out which teaching spaces are Lecturecast enabled.

 Record a special event

If you wish to record a special event, email the  Digital Media  team. Special events includes: inaugural lectures, conferences, outreach events,  public events, CPD.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions in our list of FAQs.

 Attend a training session

Book a Lecturecast training session via the UCL  Single training booking system .

 Lecturecast Online Help

Browse the Echo360 guides for Lecturecast (ALP) at  Lecturecast Online Help .

 Help and Support

For help and support, please email lecturecast@ucl.ac.uk 

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